Saturday, 22 February 2014


Last night I spent my evening rather unexpectedly playing scrabble, listening to classical music and drinking hot chocolate (it's been months since I last made a hot chocolate at home!) It was lovely to relax, and having the fire lit was wonderful too, that's definitely one of the benefits of having an open fire. The candle in the photo is a Sainsburys own brand 'Glacier candle' they cost £4.00, and we got ours on offer for £2.64 I think, the colour matches our living room perfectly, and it smells very delicate and extremely relaxing. I plan on doing an entire blog post on candles soon, I know, I know, bizarre, but that's life, I love candles, and I might possibly make you love them too if you don't already, and I'll be talking about this particular candle.
Finished editing a new video this morning, so you'll have to wait for that one to go up next week, I've got mock exams the week after this Monday, and it's going to require a lot of revision!
Hope you're all having a lovely Saturday, I hope to go for a walk and lunch tomorrow afternoon, so if I can, I'll get my photographer to take some photos for an OOTD possibly. Still learning how to make the best use of my camera and it's settings!
Have a wonderful weekend,
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