Wednesday, 15 January 2014


There's a lot of things I have planned for thegirlcriedfashion, but more recently, I've been working on:
So if you haven't checked it out, please go and have a look at it, it's again, a work in progress, just like this blog seems to be at the moment. I guess I should probably explain that, I'm a bit 'fidgety' with my blog layout and design at the moment, I'm still learning how to get my blog just how I want it, but I am being a bit fussy about the layout of both this blog, and thegirlcriedbeauty, so they both kepe getting very extreme makeovers. I'll be happy with it eventually, but since turning 19, I've been feeling like I want my blog to reflect my age a bit more, be a bit more grownup and 'prim and proper'. I do have plans to get more photos for this blog, it bothers me a lot that I never have the time to take any, as a full time A-Level student, I just don't get the time to take photos for it, let alone edit them.
It's sad, but true, but I do desperately wish to change that, so hopefully, in the near future, it'll be looking so much better visually.
I'm excited for the progression changes to this blog, hopefully it shouldn't be too long, but I cannot gurantee a specified date/time frame, since as I said, being a full time student, my studies need to come first, since I strongly believe that getting a good foundation at this age can and will set you up for the rest of your life, since after all, we can't all expect a wonder to come along and for us to be made blogger/youtube famous overnight unfortunately, although I can dream, aha!
So, that's what's in the works, and since I'm at college without access to some photos, I'll post a pretty Tumblr photo to make you feel more like I'm keeping to the plan!

Photo from Tumblr.
Thankfully I finish college at 12.45pm today, so I'm going to go straight to town and have a browse in some shops, since I have a giftcard from my birthday that requires investing!

Have a beautiful day, whatever you do with it, and remember, the glass is ALWAYS half full.
 Enjoy yourself, make the most of your day, and don't stress over the little things!
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