Thursday, 9 January 2014


Everyone needs a little inspiration sometimes, and so, I'd like to recommend some excellent music that has either given me inspiration and enough of a buzz to get on and do what I need to do, so here is a list of what I've chosen, and why.
1. Lorde - "Royals" : This song is very slow with heavy beats, and it is excellent for if you are doing paced written work, and want something with a little movement to get you through the work in front of you.
2. Laura Mvula - "That's Alright" : This song is truly inspiring, it's full of beats and you just feel like you want to dance to it, whenever and wherever you are, regardless of the situation. I feel like this gives me an internal rhythm to get me through the day, and because it is pacey, it is encouraging and fun to listen to. I highly recommend getting it on your playlist for long days!
3. Laura Mvula - "Green Garden" : Yet another by Laura Mvula, and on the same album, this song is also beautifully paced, and upbeat, and has a great rhythm if you are trying to get your pace and get on with work! I love how light and breezy these songs are, and therefore they are not too heavy for everyday listening.
4. Avicii - "Hey Brother" : Another great release by Avicii, this doesn't disappoint. Avicii's music is extremely beaty, heavy and rhythmic, I highly recommend putting it on your playlist to go, it's great for journeys that are stressful as they give you the determination you need to get through the day.
5. Justin Timberlake - "Mirrors" : Okay, so excuse the exceptionally slow start to this track, and once you've gotten to the chorus, you'll be really enjoying this song, it is great for long distance listening, and it's got rather meaningful and beautiful words, which makes it easy listening if you're writing a rather long piece of work!
6. Pharrel Williams - "Happy" : This song is excellently pacey, has a great rhythm, and gets you up and out of your seat, you just want to do a Garfield dance with the whole swinging thing. Not sure what I'm taking about? Not seen Garfield? Then one, go order yourself a copy of Garfield 1 and 2 on DVD (What were you thinking? You've been missing out!!) and if you have seen it, but can't recall, then see below:
Now you know my 'go-to' tracks, and you've seen a cartoon cat shaking it to 'Happy' by Pharrel Williams, what a good day it's been!

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