Tuesday, 30 December 2014


I, like a lot of YouTubers, and YouTube loving people, like to watch, and nose about what other people and members of the YouTube community got for Christmas, and I'd been planning to film this since Christmas day (But having been bitten by something and now on antibiotics to bring down the swelling, I didn't feel like filming!) but having seen Helen Anderson (previously Melonlady) film what she got for christmas, I just had to go ahead, and I filmed 3 videos today, and got two edited, one of which is now up on YouTube! 


Enjoy :)

P.S Would you like me to film a Disney haul? I spent a lot of my Christmas money on new DVDs for my collection, and whilst I have every intention of filming a Disney DVD collection video one day, I was wondering if you'd like to see a haul? If you would, just +1 this post on google+, or leave a comment!

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Monday, 29 December 2014


2014 has been quite a good year, it's as always had its ups and downs, but overall, it's been an improvement on 2013, and I feel quite contented. 

My resolution for 2015:
(I've scrubbed out options which aren't as related to me, and highlighted others which are/have been)

It makes you think about what you do with your life, and that you really need to live it more. Having been ill, I started living in a bubble, and although I've come a long way, I do still feel like I'm not myself enough yet. In 2015, I want to get back to Zumba evenings at the venue that I loved, I want to get back into swimming (I used to swim in events and galas as a child, and was always a very good swimmer, but gave up in later years), I'd like to eat better (being wheat intolerant and not eating fish makes me a fussy eater, so finding quick and easy food can often result in me eating bad food), and lastly, I'd like to get to university and settle in happily. 

One of the most valuable quotes in life is: 

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade"

and whilst I feel like I've learnt how to do this, I feel like it's time to start making better products out of lemons....

I'm also going to try and curb my excitability. I get really animated sometimes, and it's not really true to my character, to be honest, I'm more of a quiet person than a loud one, but my excitability can lead others to think otherwise. 

Anyway, what are your NYRs? I hope that 2015 brings you every bit of happiness that you deserve. I hope that you find contentment in the New Year, and know that I'm very grateful that you have visited here today.

And because I'm still listening intently to this song...
What Is Love - Rio 2.

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Wednesday, 24 December 2014


I just wanted to take the chance to personally 'say' (well write) Merry Christmas to each and every one of you. Whilst some of you may not celebrate Christmas, I'd like to wish you a wonderful time, nonetheless, even if I cannot see you to say it to you in person. 

Tonight we're celebrating with friends so I'm very excited for this evening. 

Managed to somehow get an allergic reaction to something as the left side of my face and neck have bloated up like a balloon so I have gained a double chin (haha) so I'm a little bothered by that, so antihistamines will hopefully cut in soon.

Stay safe everyone, and be with your loved ones. 

No, I'm not about to post a Christmas song, we all know every piece of Christmas music ever written.
Instead, a 4 hour meditation piece, that I love to listen to, and reminds me of 'The Last Airbender' film. (I loved the series as a child, and the human adaptation film is incredible, and well worth a watch over the festive season!)

Traditional Chinese Meditation Music.

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Friday, 19 December 2014


So I figured it was about time that I posted this as I have been meaning to write this post for a very long time!
(If you feel like your soul needs some warming, since afterall, this weather is getting a lot colder, here is the perfect music to listen to whilst you read this):

Ester Dean - Take You To Rio.

Today I'm going to be sharing my three favourite Winter scents/candles that I love to have burning over the festive season, and into January! 

So, without further ado, here are my top three picks:

Number One. 
Primark Cinnamon & Maple Scented Candle.

I truly do not believe in spending a fortune on candles (yes, we all would be very happy to buy a Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir candle, but who can actually even afford them? Certainly not students or the average person! Same goes for Diptyque, you need to take a separate mortgage out just to cover your candle obsessions ladies!)
So, I present to you, the humble Primark scented candle. This wee beauty smells like heaven in a container. As mentioned in my Christmas Primark Haul on my YouTube channel, this reminds me of baking with my grandfather's wife Elizabeth (also called Grandma, but she passed away when I was ten, rather than the most recent, when I was sixteen), Elizabeth and I used to spend what seemed like hours in the kitchen making cinnamon cookies together, for any time of the year, and my heart feels all warm and fuzzy again when I smell this candle. It brings back so many happy memories, and it's the ability to do so that makes me feel completed again.

Price: 80p.
Packaging: In an attractive, small glass 'bell jar', with a stopper lid. Very attractive on display.
Burn Time: 12 hours.
Overall Rating: 9/10.

Number Two. 
Primark Warm Winter Berry Candle.

I genuinely do not know what possessed me to buy this particular candle. Having been a huge fan of the majority of the Deluxe Primark candles, I thought I'd love this one as much as some of the others that I've sampled, my favourites being (in order of best to good) :  Red Berries & Orchid (I bought about six of these!), Fresh Citrus & Ginger (soooo good), and Vanilla & Coconut Creme (mediocre, but a bit too vague a scent for me to truly enjoy). I truly thought this would live up to my expectations, but sadly it has fallen slightly short of them. It does smell nice, but the fragrance is far too delicate, a bit like Vanilla & Coconut Creme so that it doesn't really fill the room with a warming fragrance. 

Price: £2.
Packaging: The traditional small square glass that all the Primark deluxe candles are presented in. Very attractive on display, as both the tinted glass and labels compliment the colour of the candle wax.
Burn Time: Up to 30 hours.
Overall Rating: 6/10. Good for those who like very delicate fragrances.

Number Three. 
Dunelm Mill Gingerbread Man Extra Large Candle.

Now this candle is a contender against big brands and truly gives them a run for their money. Having shown you the small 99p Gingerbread man candles from Dunelm Mill in my Christmas Primark Haul, this candle is the King of all candles. Retailing at £4.99, it's very similar to a Yankee candle, but at a fraction of the cost. The scent is strong, and really evokes powerful memories, it's soul warming, and makes the house smell like Christmas baking. Truly, this has to be my favourite scent of Christmas.

Price: £4.99
Packaging: In a highly attractive, minimally labelled, extra large bell jar.
Burn Time: Unfortunately this product does not have a listed burn time. However, I would estimate it having one of about 60-75 hours.
Overall Rating: 10/10.

So there you have it, three of the best winter scents to make your house warm and delightful smelling, and to fill your heart with warmth, and memories.



Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Today's post is just a simple OOTD (Outfit Of The Day for any who don't know what the abbreviation means) of some things I've been loving to wear again recently. Whilst I post this, I am sitting, enjoying some Jordans Raspberry Muesli with Yeo Valley Raspberry yoghurt (word to the wise, this is the best yoghurt ever!) and also listening again to Greek Fire - Top of The World. I'm also rendering my latest video for my YouTube video onto my computer, so that should be going up hopefully tomorrow *Fingers crossed*. 



River Island (*)


River Island (*)


Topshop (*)



River Island.



Super Cosy At Primark.

Necklace: (barely seen)


Well, I hope you are all having a lovely run up to Christmas, my house officially looks ready for Christmas! I really must go now, otherwise I'm going to be late for my bus. and I've still got to get ready!

Best Wishes,
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Thursday, 20 November 2014


I just wanted to take this chance to say 'THANK YOU', since I started in September 2013 making videos, editing and uploading them to YouTube, my goal has been to reach 500 subscribers. Three days ago, that happened. I am just over the moon, thank you so, so much.

You truly all are like an extended family to me, and it means the world (and so much more) when people say how much they enjoy my blog, or my YouTube videos, and each and every comment really makes me smile. So thank you all for putting up with me, understanding me, and being a part of my life now.

Today, I wanted to share some music with you, that really changes what mood you're in. Some music resonates deeply with me, whilst others are just feel good tunes that can perk you up when you are feeling low.

The first is:

This music is classical, and very beautiful. I played it on repeat on and off for five hours (yes you read that correctly) whilst I read 'The Scarlet Letter'. I found that book strange, yet very beautiful. I had to read it for coursework, and this was my favourite music at the time, so I played it over and over again whilst I read the book, and now I just associate the music with Hester (the heroine) and her sadness and affection for .... (you thought I was going to give away the whole secret of the book? Nope, you can either read it yourself or google the answer, I'm not going to spoil it!)

The second is:

This song is beat-y, up-paced and just all round fun to listen to, and is quite good whilst I'm revising as it sets a pace and a mood. Nothing too deep attached to this, it's just great music.

The third is:

At this rate, people are going to think I am a huge Ed Sheeran fan, but honestly, I'm not, these are just two songs that I happen to like by him. This particular song resonates deeply with me, the mood of it is so solemn but beautiful, and everything about this makes me feel calm and collected. I could sit on the bus and listen to this on repeat for hours.

The fourth is:

This song is really beautiful. My friend Harry absolutely loves Sam Smith, and he is the one who got me loving this song. It's just so deep and has so much meaning to it. Truly love it.

And finally:

This is hard to describe, it's basically a mix, of a DJ's remix of lots of different songs! This is probably my favourite thing to listen to on bus journey's as the mix lasts nearly an hour (or an hour, I can't recall) but I love a lot of the songs on here. To be honest, I love all of the songs on this mix, but some more than others. I particularly adore:

1. Younger (Seinabo Sey) - Kygo remix 
2. Dancer (Thulin) - Kygo remix
4. Can't Afford It All (Jakubi) - Kygo remix
9. Brother (Matt Corby) - Kygo remix 

So I do hope you enjoyed this rather random post, it just shares some really wonderful pieces of music. Whilst I do love the modern music, I really love a lot of 80s/90s music too, I love 'Walk This Way' by Aerosmith and RunDMC, 'Now That We Found Love', Heavy D and The Boyz, and 'It's Like That' by RunDMC.

Have a truly wonderful day, lots of love,
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Monday, 17 November 2014


So today, I've decided to give a cheat's recipe to achieving nearly as good as Costa Orange Hot Chocolate (which you shall all by now if you read my blog, is limited edition!) So here's how to make an amazing one from home!

Orange Extract (I'm using a Sainsburys Taste The Difference Valencia Orange Extract)
Milk (Can be Skimmed, Semi Skimmed or Whole, I'm using whole as it's what we have in the fridge!)
Drinking Hot Chocolate (Something that goes into milk, and NOT hot water! This one is a Cadbury Hot Chocolate Powder that we've been buying for years!)
Additional Extra Ingredients

 (If you're feeling extra luxurious and can handle a few more calories, I'm skipping this as it'd mean at least 3 sessions of Zumba a week instead of 1!)
Nozzle Cream (the stuff in a can)
Mini Marshmallows (cause if you're going to be luxurious, you may as well go all out!)
Jazzy Mug (well, just a fancy mug that you love, mine is, of course, my My Little Pony mug bought for me by two of our lovely students last year!)

1. Firstly, pour the milk into the mug, you want it to be nice and full (unless you're going the down the luxe route, and then leave a little off the top so you can fit the cream on top!)
2. Pop the milk into the microwave on full setting for 1.50~ my microwave is 800W, and it takes 1.50 minutes to heat up a 'normal' sized mug. If you've got one of the Cath Kidston mugs (like I also have but I'm opting not to use this time) then you're going to need to heat it for a while longer and those mugs are more like bowls!
3. Remove from the microwave once finished, mix in the appropriate amount of hot chocolate powder as it says on the back of the tin (mine says 3 teaspoons, so that's what I'm adding, although sometimes I'll do 2 teaspoons instead). Stir thoroughly.
4. Next, add half a teaspoon of the orange extract. This will look like oil and will settle on the top. Here's where your stirring comes in handy! Stir, stir, stir, until it dissolves. It will go eventually, it just takes some persuading!
5. (OPTIONAL) Add squirty cream and mini marshmallows to decorate.
6. ENJOY! Tastes good doesn't it?
Hope you enjoyed this really quick and simple recipe. I did buy a Costa Orange Hot Chocolate today on the way home from college (I popped into town to do some banking, and grabbed one for the bus journey up the hill!) so I'm a bit cheeky, but for when Costa is shut, you're snuggled in at home watching a wonderful movie, this is a great one to serve to any guests you may have!
Lots of Love (Je T'aime) & Snuggly Hugs!
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P.S WE REACHED 500 SUBSCRIBERS (Actually 504/505) SO THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY, VERY MUCH! I'm just so overwhelmed and so thrilled, thank you for making a dream of mine come true!
Now the great question is, can I be bothered to stand in the rain waiting for a bus to go to Zumba? Yep. I'll be hopping on a bus in a couple of hours! :)

Friday, 14 November 2014


I don't usually write many posts about things on a deeper level, but today, I've decided I'm going to.

Last night, I read something that made me extremely worried (please don't worry, no-one is really seriously ill, or dying, nothing like that, this is more trivial, but still had me worried none the less) and the first person I turned to was my best friend. I really admire Courtney, she's so talented, at 19, she's achieved so much, and I'm so, so proud of her. Not only that, but she has always been there for me, through some of the hardest moments of my life. When I lost my grandma, she was there no matter what, through the ridiculous long crush that I had, she was always there, and whenever I lost my head momentarily, she'd always find a way to bring me back to Earth again.

Last night when I text her, she sent me back the most reassuring, lovely text humanely possible, and immediately made me feel better. So what I'm trying to say is: A huge thank you to her, for always being there for me, putting up with me, even when I fancied 'that guy' and we made up code names for him just so we could have a private conversation (well, not so private when all our friends knew!)

Year 11 Prom.
Year 13 Prom. 

Year 13 Prom.
What is the point of this post? To tell you to never take your best friends for granted. Even if you occasionally row, you know when you've found your one true best friend, because even after three days ignoring each other and only slightly grunting at each other when it was completely necessary (Year 12 was fun! The first run of it anyway....) you'll still always be friends.

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014


For some reason, it's been such a long time since I last made a video, which I will explain in the latest video (not yet live), but I wanted to let you know that hopefully by late this evening, my new video will be live and ready to watch, I'm just putting the finishing touches to it now! There is a lot of snuggly, christmassy items in this one, because I feel like it's acceptable to get all excited about Christmas now!

Be sure to keep an eye open for it. 

"On Top Of The World, On Top Of It All, Trying To Feel Invincible."

Also, a new song that I discovered recently that has really lifted my spirit is:

Greek Fire - On Top Of The World.

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P.S, Yes I know, I have dimples.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Anyway, so upon waking up far too early, and realising I in fact, do not need to catch my bus until 11.48, I decided to go and do a photoshoot, outside (where it is pretty cold right now!) but I got warmed up by dashing between the camera and behind it haha!

So, here are today's photos:





Primark (*)

Black Cardigan (barely shown):

Marks & Spencers

Grey Bobble Cardigan:



Finding Nemo Disney Socks:



Super Cosy Tights:




River Island


Galaxy Moon Necklace:




I'm overall a very happy person today as I had some more non-blog related good news last night (I'm sorry, but on this occasion I can't share, not for a while anyway, but I promise I'll let you know as soon as I can tell you, I'm only telling very few people that I'm close to)

I'm just overall a much happier person than I've been in years.
Have a wonderful day today!

Today's Music Choice (MY FAVOURITE LILO & STITCH SONG, other than 'I Will Love You Always', and 'Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride':

He Mele No Lilo - Lilo & Stitch.

P.S Did you notice my hair is a lot more brown? I fixed it yesterday, and I'm actually really, really happy with it, considering it was a semi permanent ash brown to match my natural, I didn't dye my natural brown at all (I literally just botched over the blonde, and left a bit at the bottom haha) 

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Thursday, 23 October 2014


I was recently contacted by the company Weddington Way, to compose a Bridesmade outfit using one dress from their website. 
Here is what I came up with:
My design is central to an aquatic/ocean theme, and the theme revolves around the Dessy short dress from their collection. I loved the deep blue and simple design paired with more aqua coloured accessories, including the holographic clutch bag. The shoes were elegant yet simple and when wearing a short dress, it's important to remember your shoes! The hairpiece is a simple, yet bright statement to pair with the holographic clutch bag. I chose the simple white blazer (which has had issues with cropping apparently!) because this beautiful dress requires little punchy accessories, and the dress should still remain the one doing the talking (in a non literal sense!)
This is their website:
Weddington Way.
And this is their Bridesmade Dress Page:
Bridesmade Dresses.
Thanks for reading,
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*Whilst I was asked by the company to take part in this style challenge, I was not paid for this post.*

Monday, 20 October 2014


Do you ever feel like, for the first time in your life, you are completely happy, and completely comfortable with where you are in your life? That you know you're walking the right path, and that despite the obstacles, you have made the correct decisions in your life?
Well, for some reason, for months now, I've been feeling this way. I've been feeling complete again.

I swore that I'd never fully discuss what I'd been through here, but since I covered a lot of it in my YouTube video (here), I felt like it was time for me to talk about my life.

Yes, losing my grandma was the most soul destroying thing that ever happened to me. I honestly wished at the time I could've died with her, because I felt like I lost a part of me when she died, and it felt like it had died with her, and I had honestly started believe that it had. 3 years later, here I am, a completely different person, stronger, more knowledgeable and more peaceful.
I thought I'd never come to terms with her death, and honestly, spiralling down into an illness I felt entrapped in, unable to escape, I felt like I had lost my freedom. I lost my independence, my spirit, and most importantly, my heart.
All images from Tumblr.

But now, 3 years on, I have found myself again. I've rebuilt myself, and I'm happy. I'm not so body conscious, so terrified of what people will think of me, and I can safely say, my health has been wonderful again. It's strange, but I've become more confident, and I feel like I've been reborn. Literally. Like shackles have been undone around my heart. To say how my heart had felt, would be trying to put a thousand indescribable feelings onto one blog post, and it would be hard, but truthfully, it felt bore down, beaten and empty.

I've found new meaning in my life, and I feel blessed. (I'm not becoming all religious, no, so please don't take this as a religious preach - it isn't, and before anyone thinks perhaps this is offensive, then I promise you it isn't intended to be, and apologise if anyone takes this as offensive, I'm not religious and never have been, but fully, and utterly believe in everyone having a right to their own beliefs) I believe I am well because I started thinking differently. I started believing in myself again. I don't know how. I don't know why. I just did. It took a lot to find myself, and I went through some strange phases to find me, but here I am, out the other side.

Just remember:

Better than a thousand hollow words is one word that brings peace.
~ Buddha.

P.S I wanted to link you to this music, it has always had a deep resonance with me, and despite it's strange origins, it is deeply peaceful, the same as the Phenac City music, and it brings me so many happy memories:

Relic Forest Soundtrack.

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Sunday, 19 October 2014


I won't deny that for the longest time, I said I'd never do a 'What's In My Bag' Video, but I decided I'd do a blog post instead, since I feel that I would like you all to know more about me. 
If you've been a close follower since last year, you'll realise I had my bag stolen in October 2013, and since then, I've hardly carried anything in my bag despite spending entire days out of the house at college, and travelling to and from, I just haven't wanted to carry anything with me, and have in fact wanted to keep everything as minimal as possible, since having your bag stolen makes you feel very vulnerable and uncomfortable for quite a long time. Thankfully, I'm not feeling that way anymore, but it has taught me to be a lot more careful, very protective of my belongings, and to always listen to your own judgement.

Anyway, without further ado, here is what I tend to take with me, with the exception of swapping out the iPod and case for a writing pad, since I don't actually carry my iPod around with me anymore (I just don't want the risk of having it stolen)

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom.
iPhone 3G,
iPod 5th Generation White & Blue - I don't actually take this or the case around with me anymore.
Ted Baker London Blue Mock Croc Case
Benefit Teal Mirror Holder
Compact (Unknown, was a christmas present in 2013) - I hardly use this but you know, in case of emergencies!
2 Bic Crystal point rollerball pens. (Always need a backup when you go to college)
Dove GoFresh Lemongrass Deodarant Spray - Again, another one that I never use, I use ordinary deodarant in the morning before I leave the house, and since I wear perfume, I don't like the scent from this to clash with it, so I just don't use it. It's more of an emergency thing.
From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Paraceptamol (In case of emergency)
Spare Left Contact Lens - Weird one, but I always carry this, because I only ever have issues with my left eye, and not my right.
Bourjois Glam Max Holidays Black mascara - Emergencies, in case I've been laughing until I cry, or just crying, and then I need to touch up!
Allerclear eye drops - In case of contact mishaps.
Black Mock Croc H&M Travel Pouch - Holds all the emergency items, I call this my First Aid Kit.
Wet Ones Senesitive Antibacterial Hand Wipes - I like to use these after I've been on a bus touching the stop bell or handles, or touching a dirty keyboard if I can't find somewhere to wash my hands, which is of course, preferable, but they're there for emergencies.
 I hope you found this brief insight into the contents of my bag interesting, I appreciate we are creatures that are nosy, and that I too, enjoy seeing the contents of someone else's bag/makeup bag, so I figured it was about time that I gave you all an insight. I do also tend to carry around an umbrella (a Percy Pig Marks & Spencer One, it always gives people such a laugh when they see me sheltering under a bright pink umbrella with Percy Pig faces all over it!) and a lipstick of choice that I am wearing on that day. It's usually a MAC one, although it can be what I am wearing today, a Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick in 101.

Best Wishes & Hugs,
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