Sunday, 24 November 2013


So today has been exceptional, I met my number one idol, Antiques Expert Tim Wonnacott! I don't know if many of you know him, but he presents Bargain Hunt and narrates Antiques Road Trip. He is such an incredible man, so kind and friendly to talk to!

I also ended up doing something I shouldn't have, again....... I went into Primark. Seriously, I need to restrain myself better, bad Sam! Oh we'll, I guess it will make for part III of the Winter Primark Haul that will be going up onto YouTube. Unfortunately for me, my original part I footage was horrendously out of focus, and after re-filming it, the footage was accidentally deleted from my SD card, so I have no available footage to upload, so I do promise, that after my mock A Levels this week, I will refilm and of course, upload right away, so I do apologise again for the delays! But anyway, the footage should be better this time, and I am excited for it to be completed. 

So, much love!

Ultimate Idol!

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