Sunday, 24 November 2013


So today has been exceptional, I met my number one idol, Antiques Expert Tim Wonnacott! I don't know if many of you know him, but he presents Bargain Hunt and narrates Antiques Road Trip. He is such an incredible man, so kind and friendly to talk to!

I also ended up doing something I shouldn't have, again....... I went into Primark. Seriously, I need to restrain myself better, bad Sam! Oh we'll, I guess it will make for part III of the Winter Primark Haul that will be going up onto YouTube. Unfortunately for me, my original part I footage was horrendously out of focus, and after re-filming it, the footage was accidentally deleted from my SD card, so I have no available footage to upload, so I do promise, that after my mock A Levels this week, I will refilm and of course, upload right away, so I do apologise again for the delays! But anyway, the footage should be better this time, and I am excited for it to be completed. 

So, much love!

Ultimate Idol!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Well, it's all uploaded, and I hope you guys like it, it's a very loved outfit of mine!

Hope you've all been having a grand start to your week!
Much Love!

Saturday, 2 November 2013


I uploaded a YouTube video only yesterday, but already I've filmed another, which I cannot wait to upload!
The urge to go shopping is insane, but this month I've probably spent way more than I should of.
At least one piece of good news is that I am finally satisfied with my ever changing hair, it has faded from purple dip dye to blue, which I am loving right now, and it shows no sign of fading (still going strong 3 and 1/2 weeks later, woo!)
Also, wanted to say a late 'Happy Halloween everyone!', I won't lie, I'm not the biggest Halloween fan, and once I've celebrated it one way or another, I usually just put it behind me, Halloween has never carried pleasant memories for me from an early age, as the first ever Halloween party I went to was where a friend of mine's parents broke up very loudly and aggressively, so yeah, it was a truly sad night for everyone, and we were only what, three years old, maybe four?
So that's why I don't really celebrate Halloween, that and the fact that I only enjoy dressing up as non scary and non gory things, like, witch's cats for example!
I'm off out the door in a tick, so just wanted to quickly update everyone, and to say, I'm more of an active YouTuber at the moment, so if you're looking for more regular excitement, you can check me out there (see a few posts before this one for a link!)
So, yeah, it's been a good October, and now we've stepped into November, I can really start imagining Christmas!
Have a great day all, and imagine me cooped up in a car learning to drive and slugging along!

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