Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Well, yesterday was a truly rubbish day, but I won't get into it. Lets just say I shouldn't go on eBay and browse for new things when I'm in a awful mood! I end up spending more than I should! What's done is done now, and I do not regret my purchase, even if it was on the expensive side :P 
I managed to cheer myself up with:
1. Retail therapy
2. Funny Scottish Fold Cat YouTube Videos ('cause which cat lover doesn't find funny Scottish fold videos a triumph for mankind? And cat kind alike! I particularly loved watching Namiko and her friend Mango on their YouTube videos, if you haven't already, definitely check the pair of them out! Such beautiful little ladies!)
3. Nanny McPhee 2 - The Big Bang. Yes, admittedly it hasn't got the quality that we experienced from the first one, and is so unrealistic in many scenes that it leaves you rolling with laughter, but it is touching, and we can all relate to that, even at the best of times.

These three things changed me from livid to relaxed, laughing and smiling. These are just a few of the things that help me destress and relax. I just wish my parcels would arrive, I'm so nervousexcited for them to get here. Especially since my budget for shopping has been totally blown this month. First time I have ever spent more than £20 on nail polish in one spend! Haha, at least I got an epic haul from it! 
And since there aren't enough photos today, have some Carrie love, saying exactly what I am thinking.

Well, have a wonderful day to all, and I apologise for being a bad photo blogger, I guess I don't get as much time as I'd like to show off outfits, but I promise that this weekend will be devoted to getting at least one VLOG done, and at least one photo, if not more taken!



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