Wednesday, 25 September 2013


So I apologise that I haven't been around as much! Been super busy with the third week back at college! Boom. Anyhow, there was a brief interval before the rain come down when the valley was slightly misty today, and since I'm going out soon, decided to post today's outfit. Please excuse my hair, it's a mess, but hey, that's life, it needs a cut, so who knows, maybe a new style will be dubbed soon?
The links I have provided are 'similar alternatives' since these pieces are no longer being sold online.
Blazer: Topshop.
Dress: Topshop.

 I was so lucky to snag all the pieces in this outfit. The blazer and dress were on the sale rail with no prices except the original ones; £60 for the blazer, and £40 for the dress, so it was one of those moments of 'Do I, don't I ask?' and I did, and oh so glad I did! I got the blazer for £20, the dress for £10, and the shoes were the Jimmy Choo concession for H&M, I was a very lucky girl and found a woman who could no longer wear them, so sold them to me for £75, which included a beautiful hand-picked Dorothy Perkins clutch, which was the exact match of blue to the shoes. And we all know how difficult it is to match blues! So yes, one very lucky girl!

So yes, in brief, it's been a hectic, busy week and since college computers block you from writing on blogger, it meant I haven't been able to update! My next post is in the works, so hopefully soon, I'll be posting again!



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